Underground BBS

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Welcome to the Underground BBS. Here you will find information about my hobby BBS. Thats what it is really, a hobby. I used to spend hours and hours playing games, talking to people, and generally having a good time on a local dial-up BBS. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, and learned a lot about computer systems in the process. I'd have to say that i might not be where i am today without BBS's. It might sound sad, but its the truth. But enough of that boring subject. I've obtained all of the (legal) software which that very bbs that i was talking about ran on, and after a bit of hard work, and a little word of mouth, I have it online, and serving users.

You can telnet to bbs.undrground.org and login. You'll find a small selection of games, and a few interesting features. I am working on expanding, but time and money are both against me.

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